Mastering SEO on Your Own

Harnessing the Power of DIY SEO, the Hidden Potential Beyond Professional Services. Email Newsletters: A Dynamic Marketing Strategy to Boost Your SEO Efforts.

Here’s the ultimate solution you’ve been searching for. It’s the key to attracting your desired audience effortlessly, as they come to you with the belief that you hold the answers they seek.

Curious to know what it is?

It’s none other than achieving the top-ranking position in search engines (or at the very least, being on the front page).

That is the essence of SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Imagine a world where every single element of your website, from text to links to images, is meticulously crafted to ascend the ranks of search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

But why is this paramount, you ask? Simply because your target audience places unwavering trust in search engines, particularly Google, to deliver the crème de la crème of answers to their queries.

In fact, a staggering 81% of online purchases originate from search engine inquiries. If your business fails to appear in those search results, you’re unquestionably losing valuable customers.

Consider these statistics: The first result in a Google search attracts clicks 20.5% of the time. The second garners 13.3%, while the third secure 13.1%. However, these numbers nosedive dramatically once you venture beyond the first page.

SEO empowers you to optimize your website with specific words and phrases that resonate with your target demographic, making your website the go-to destination they’re searching for.

Furthermore, it involves establishing a network of reciprocal links with other websites, alongside providing genuine and valuable information within your niche. By offering genuine value, you earn the trust and loyalty of your customers.

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Email Marketing

“Retaining a customer is easier than acquiring a new one.”

This timeless adage holds as it demands less effort to sell to your existing customer base compared to pursuing new prospects from scratch.

Enter the game-changer: Email Marketing. Brace yourself for the unparalleled potential of effortlessly reaching thousands of your valued customers with a single keystroke, delivering a compelling mix of valuable information and enticing promotions.

Now, let’s explore a few remarkable avenues to embark on this journey:


Introducing the Promotional Email. As the name suggests, it’s a direct and concise method to inform your esteemed customers about exclusive sales or timely products, enticing them to explore the irresistible offerings.


Newsletters: an overlooked gem in marketing. The benefits? Worth it.

First, trust-building – the sole reason customers buy from you. It’s simple: no trust, no sales.

How? Two ways:

  1. Value for Free: Provide valuable info to customers, no strings attached. They visit your store, and you win.
  2. Expert Status: Share insightful niche-related content. Customers see you as the authority they need.

Newsletters keep you top of mind. Familiarity breeds willingness to buy.

Unlock the power of newsletters, nurture trust, and watch sales soar.

Cart Abandonment Follow-ups

Reclaim potential sales: Nearly 70% of carts are abandoned before purchase. But with a simple email reminder, you can bring customers back and boost conversions. It’s like found money, earned through your hard work.

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Let me paint a picture for you. A while back, before I joined Cheap-Domain Registration, I registered my domain with another hosting provider. Soon enough, my inbox was flooded with emails titled anything from “Do you need a web designer?” to simple greetings like “Hi.” The same people bombarded me repeatedly with similar emails.

What had transpired was that the domain registration company had sold my information to so-called “marketers” who resorted to spamming, hoping to secure business.

My friends, let’s be crystal clear: This is NOT the way to conduct business. It’s spamming, a practice of indiscriminately sending out as many emails as possible to as many people as possible, all in the hopes of making a sale.

Please, do not confuse this with email marketing, where you send valuable and sought-after content to individuals who have willingly subscribed to receive it.

Spamming not only causes immense annoyance but also proves to be astonishingly ineffective. I implore you, to avoid it at all costs.

When we say “ugly,” we don’t mean something negative. In fact, the following marketing methods have tremendous potential to expose people to your brand and transform them into devoted customers.

However, there’s a catch: they come at a cost. And that’s where the “ugly” side reveals itself.

Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is an advertising system offered by Google. It operates through auctions where you bid on relevant keywords and phrases for your business or website.

Winning bids display your ad at the top of search results, labeled with “Ad” on the left. However, securing this prime position comes at a cost, as auctions can be expensive.

Additionally, Google factors in your Quality Score, which considers elements like click-through rate (CTR), landing page quality, keyword and ad text relevance, and account history.

Outbidding competitors while selecting optimal keywords is essential. Alternatively, our low-priced SEO Tool enables organic growth, helping you rise to the top of Google’s rankings.

Choose your strategy wisely and unlock the immense potential of dominating search results.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, encompassing both Facebook and Instagram, provide a powerful platform to showcase your product or business to a specific target market.

Using captivating images or video ads, you can appear in users’ feeds, arousing curiosity and inspiring them to click.

But how do you precisely target your desired audience?

It’s simple. With Facebook advertising, you have the flexibility to define the breadth or narrowness of your audience.

You can choose parameters such as age, gender, income, and more. However, the true power lies in selecting “Likes.”

By targeting people who have “Liked” specific pages, you can refine your audience further. For example, in the hunting niche, you can target individuals who like “Hunting” or “Cabela’s.”

But the customization doesn’t end there.

Suppose your product caters specifically to white-tailed buck enthusiasts. In that case, you can advertise in areas where white-tailed bucks are prevalent, target people who’ve liked “Deer Hunting” or “Monster Racks,” and focus on individuals with an annual income above 50k.

Facebook advertising allows you to finely tune your targeting, giving you a competitive edge. Finding a winning formula requires time, creativity, and yes, financial investment.

Fortunately, you can run an ad for as little as $5, allowing you to test different target markets against each other for just $10. Compare their performance and identify the most effective one. Rinse and repeat until you discover the ultimate winner.

By viewing advertising as a long-term investment and being patient, you can drive success for your business.

Once you’ve built a solid customer base, engage them further through newsletter email marketing, ensuring they return to your store for repeat purchases.

Be seen and found.

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Definitely. Trust in Google (and other search engines, primarily Google) to provide the optimal solution to any question or issue is universal. Google invests substantial amounts of money to continuously enhance its algorithm, yielding even superior outcomes.

If you manage to secure a spot on the initial page, or better yet, at the very top, it significantly impacts your website traffic and, ultimately, your sales.

Consider this: It’s essentially free promotion by Google for your website.

Certainly, but without introducing an additional page. If your checkout process consists of three pages (shopping cart confirmation, payment, payment confirmation/checkout), it is crucial to avoid incorporating a fourth page.

However, during the shopping cart confirmation stage, it is advisable to “suggest” comparable or complementary items to encourage customers to make additional purchases.

Newsletters aid in establishing brand familiarity and trust. By providing your audience with valuable information related to your niche, free of charge, you are not asking for anything in return except for them to visit your website and explore the latest offerings.

By positioning yourself as an authoritative expert, you become the go-to resource, resulting in increased attention and engagement.

Including promotions in your newsletters is indeed recommended, but it’s important to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming your audience with excessive promotional content.

To send a cart abandonment email, just sign up for our Shopping Cart and Email Marketing services. Once registered, you’ll have access to information about customers who abandoned their carts, allowing you to send them a follow-up email.

A gentle reminder about the items left in their cart can have a significant positive impact on your sales.

Not necessarily. While Google Ads can be effective, there are two drawbacks to consider:

Google Ads operates on a bidding system, where you compete with others targeting the same keywords, resulting in increased costs.

Perceived as advertisements: Users are aware that Google Ads are paid advertisements, and they may be less inclined to click on results marked with the “Ad” label.

Naturally ranking high in Google search results is generally considered more advantageous.

It’s important to note that Google Ads can still be beneficial, especially when compared to not taking any action at all.