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While the number of available domains is practically limitless, it’s not uncommon for others to have similar ideas. If your desired domain name is already taken, consider brainstorming ways to modify it while still maintaining its memorability. Adding your city name or tweaking a keyword could be the solution. Conducting a domain search using related keywords might help ignite your creativity

Modifying a domain name after purchase is a bit complex. Essentially, you cannot directly change the name of a purchased domain. Instead, you would need to delete the original domain and then proceed to acquire a new one. However, if you have a change of decision within a 5-day period, we offer a complete refund. You can utilize the refund to purchase a new domain of your choice, as simple as that.

These extensions are commonly referred to as Top Level Domains (TLDs), suffixes, or domain name extensions. They have two primary distinctions from the owner’s perspective: price and name recognition, with name recognition being the more significant factor.

Most paid TLDs are reliable and suitable for websites of any size. Your choice should depend on what you believe will resonate most effectively with your website visitors. Remember to consider country code TLDs like .de, which can be advantageous for indicating regional business.

For more detailed guidance, you can explore our comprehensive Domain Name Buyer’s Guide. Additionally, our TLD list provides an extensive collection of the most popular TLDs available.

When registering a domain name, owners are required to provide personal information. In many jurisdictions, this information needs to be kept hidden by default. At our registrar, we automatically conceal this information for you. However, if you prefer, you have the option to display this information in WHOIS lookups by adjusting a setting in your Domain Manager. It’s important to note that the organizations responsible for managing your domains, such as the registrar, registry, and ICANN, can still access your information. 

When registering a domain name, owners are required to provide personal information. In most jurisdictions, this information must be concealed by default. As a registrar, we automatically hide your personal information. However, if you prefer, you have the option to display this information in WHOIS lookups by adjusting the setting in your Domain Manager. It’s important to note that the organizations responsible for managing your domains, such as the registrar, registry, and ICANN, have access to your information. 

Absolutely! If you experience a change of heart, we provide a complete refund within 5 days of your domain purchase. For more details on our refund policy regarding other services, please refer to our comprehensive Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there are numerous unscrupulous registrars in the industry. To ensure you’re dealing with an ethical company, it’s important to evaluate their renewal pricing. 

While a minor price adjustment is common practice, some registrars dramatically inflate the prices, often multiplying them by several folds compared to the initial payment. Adding to the issue, these inflated prices are applied automatically during the renewal process, catching many customers off guard.

If you have any unanswered questions, we have you covered. You can explore our extensive collection of 101 Tutorials listed on the top menu. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive knowledge base that you can easily search through for the information you need. If you prefer direct assistance, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 and can be reached at (480) 624-2500

Our Guide for buying domain names

Purchasing your first domain can be a complex process, leaving you unsure of how to select the perfect domain name for your business, blog, affiliate website, or investment. Additionally, it can be challenging to determine the essential features you’ll need and how to safeguard your privacy. However, our Buyer’s Guide provides comprehensive information on registering your domain name, including tips on choosing the right one, selecting the appropriate top-level domain, and deciding which included features are most suitable for your needs.

Identifying the Best Domain Name

Domain names are not uniformly created. Depending on the purpose of your website, there are various strategies for choosing a name that can boost traffic.

If you’re creating a domain for a Brick and Mortar Business: 

When searching for your domain, opt for one that is easily spelled and, equally importantly, easy to pronounce. This ensures it is memorable and attracts a higher volume of traffic.

Avoid using numbers, symbols, and abbreviations as they can be easily misinterpreted, especially when verbally communicating the website to others.

For a local business, consider making the domain location specific. For example, if you own a car wash in Minnesota, you could choose “” This simplifies verbal communication and improves local ranking in Google searches.

You can be creative with your domain’s suffix (e.g., “.com,” “.org”). For instance, a restaurant may use “.eat” as the suffix. Keep it short and memorable but note that “.com” is often perceived as more professional and widely recognized.

Once you’ve selected the perfect name, it’s time to register the domain!

If you’re creating a domain for a Web-Based Business:

Similar rules apply when starting a blog or online business. Look for available domains that are memorable, easy to pronounce and type, and avoid symbols and numbers.

Incorporate highly searched keywords related to your business in the domain name. For example, if your blog focuses on unique haircuts, you might choose “”

Utilize the domain’s suffix to incorporate additional keywords. Continuing with the haircut theme, you could consider “” Your creativity is the only limit.

It’s worthwhile to check if your desired name is available on various social media platforms. Consistency across social media makes it easier to build your brand.

Once you’ve found the perfect name, it’s time to register the domain!

For Investments

Investing in domain names can yield a high return on investment. You don’t need to stumble upon a mistake made by a billion-dollar company like Google to make money. Here are some strategies to make your investment worthwhile.

Check for expired domains. is a useful resource for finding neglected or disinterested domain names.

Make offers

For domains that catch your attention. If a domain is already owned, approach the owner with an offer to purchase, aiming to sell it at a profit later.

Consider bulk registration

Which is a cost-effective approach. Create a list of desired available domains and purchase them in multiple variations (e.g.,, with various top-level domains (TLDs) like .net or .org.

If you’re stuck on choosing a domain name,

Try entering relevant keywords into the domain name search to explore available options and receive recommendations similar to your desired name. Even if you don’t use the suggestions, they can often inspire new ideas and restart the creative process.

Selecting the Suitable TLD for Your Domain (.com, .net, etc.)

What is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

A Top Level Domain, also known as a TLD, refers to the last part of a domain name. It is the suffix or domain extension, such as “.com,” “.org,” and so on, that appears at the end.

From an owner’s perspective, there are two main differences to consider: price and name recognition, with name recognition being the more significant factor.

The prices of most TLDs range from around $10 per year for cheaper options like .com and .us, to approximately $30 or $50 per year for TLDs like .online and .store. For businesses with fewer than twenty domains, the yearly price difference is unlikely to have a significant impact.

Name recognition, on the other hand, carries more weight. It encompasses various aspects for visitors, such as trustworthiness and the business’s location.

In the past, certain TLDs had restrictions that prevented websites from using them unless they met specific qualifications. For instance, a for-profit company could not use “.org.” However, over the years, these restrictions have become more lenient, and limitations have decreased significantly.

Nevertheless, some limitations still exist. For instance, “.gov” is exclusive to government agencies, “.edu” is reserved for educational institutions, and “.us” is available only to U.S. citizens and organizations with a presence in the U.S.

When chosen wisely, TLDs can help make your website more memorable. However, this can be challenging in practice.

The key to selecting an effective custom TLD is similar to choosing a compelling domain name: it should be short, intriguing, and easy to remember.

That’s why a TLD like “.eat” works better than “.restaurant.” It is concise, impactful, and memorable.

Explore our comprehensive list of TLDs to discover your options and spark your creativity.

Essential Included Features

Not all domain registrars offer the same set of features. Here are some crucial features that you should ensure are included when registering your domain. (Note: All these features are standard with a domain at CCD.) 

Domain Forwarding and Masking

Redirect any of your owned domain names to your website. When someone enters that domain name in their browser, they will be directed straight to your website. (For example, you can purchase the domain “” and have it linked to your personal blog.) 

This is an excellent way to leverage keyword searches on search engines and drive traffic to your site. 

Domain Locking

Protect your domain from accidental or intentional transfers of ownership and prevent unauthorized changes to your nameservers. Essentially, this ensures that your domain remains under your control. 

Total DNS Control

Manage your domain name system (DNS) records and configure your email, FTP (file transfer protocol), sub-domains, and website location all through a single control panel. It serves as a convenient platform to handle the behind-the-scenes activities of your domain. 

Change of Registration

Easily transfer your domain name to another individual or update the contact details for your domain online, at any time. 

Status Alerts

Stay informed about the status of your domain and receive immediate notifications in case of any changes. 

Auto Renew Protection

Avoid unexpected domain expiration by setting up automatic renewal for your domain registration. This ensures that your domain remains active without any disruptions. 

Privacy Options

When you purchase domains from CCD most of them come with free Privacy Protection for a lifetime. This feature safeguards your personal information by replacing it with anonymous details in the Public WHOIS directory and provides a private email address to shield against spam for domain inquiries. However, please note that certain domains may not be eligible for privacy protection due to registry restrictions. For more information, refer to the Domain Name Proxy Agreement. 

Additionally, we offer two enhanced protection options that you can select during the checkout process: 

Full Domain Protection

Prevents unauthorized changes and domain theft by hackers. 

Requires your approval through 2-factor verification for critical actions like domain deletion or transfer.

Ultimate Domain Protection

Everything in Full Domain Protection, plus:
Hold on to your domain name for an extra 90 days if your credit card or your billing method expires.

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